Kids Learn to Hula Hoop Video Lessons

Kids, let's learn the basics!

We're teaching your kids how to spin their new hula hoops with two easy to follow instructional videos:
  • 1 x instructional video 'How to Hula Hoop on Your Waist' (12 minutes
  • 1 x instructional video 'How to Hula Hoop on Your Arms' (4 minutes)

This is a virtual product that is the perfect accompaniment with one of our beautiful dance hula hoops, that come is sizes for all children (and adults).  Or check out our  amazing kids learner package including a  custom hoop with your child's name on it and these beginners video lessons.

These videos are specifically targeted at children and have simple instructions that teach kids how to pick a good size hula hoop, how to spin a hula hoop on their waist, stopping the hula hoop from falling down, spinning the hoop on their arms and some fun challenges to do with these tricks!

If you're an adult looking for a more detailed course on hoop dance, check out our Foundations of Hoop Dance course.


Need a hula hoop too? Find the perfect one hereor email and we'll help you choose!

How to pick the right hoop:

See our basic size guide below. Please note, children often have trouble spinning hoops that are the appropriate size for their waist on their arms too. It can be a good idea to get one large size and one slightly smaller so children can have success with a range of skills on both their body and arms.

Our hoops are measured top to bottom - outer diameter (OD). For easiest waist hula hooping, the hula hoop should reach approximately from floor to belly button or larger. If your child is larger around the midsection, go a size up OR if you are needing advice on the right hoop to pick, contact us at


2-4 years old - 60cm
5-7 years old - 80cm
8-12 years old - 85cm
Teen - 90cm

** Please note, once you have purchased this virtual product, you will be set up with a unique login account with access to our Online Learning platform. The videos will be available to view once you login to this site. This process is manual and may take a few hours depending on time zones and when we are able to process your order. We do endeavour to get your access set up as quickly as we can!