Body Rock Dance Hula Hoops

Body Rock Dance Hula Hoops – SpinJoy’s #1 Choice For Ultimate Hoop Dance Fun

These colourful Body Rock Dance Hula Hoops are sleek and simple in design, but high in quality and durability.

With a range of dazzling colours, you’ll find just the right one to match your style or maybe you’ll be like us and need one of each!

SpinJoy Hoops are made with the highest quality Australian polypropylene plastic

Each hula hoop weighs approximately 300 grams – slightly weighted for the perfect on-body hula hoop dance experience.

Consider these the ‘Goldilocks’ of hula hoops. Not too heavy, not too light. Just right!

Add grip tape to the inner circumference of your hula hoop for epic hoop stick-ability. Grip helps the hula hoop stick to your clothing, especially great for leg hooping!




Six fabulous colours to choose from:

Cookie Monster Blue, Monkey Purple, Unicorn Pink , Ninja Black, Goldfish Orange and Starbeam Yellow

Mix and match colours and sizes by choosing the Multi Pack option and specify your colour and size fantasy in the comments section when you check out!

Our hula hoops are measured but outer diameter (OD)

*Custom sizes available upon request


Need some guidance the help kick-start your hula hoop journey?

Check out our online video Foundations of Hoop Dance Course here!