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We’re about infectious joy – radical happiness through hula hooping.

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Hula Hoop Classes and Entertainment in Sydney by SpinJoy

Hula hoop is truly an activity for people of all walks of life. Not only is it an excellent exercise workout, it is also extremely fun! Whether you’re looking for a hula hoop performance for your next function, looking for hula hoop equipment or after hula hoop dance classes, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to SpinJoy, where you’ll find a team of passionate hula hoopers who love nothing more than sharing the joy that hula hooping brings.

Slide Hula hoop dancing lessons in Sydney

At SpinJoy, we offer a range of hula hoop dance classes for both experienced hoopers as well as the uninitiated. We offer hula hoop dancing for beginners who are new to the world of hula hooping, helping you to build your confidence and skills so that you’ll soon be spinning with the best of them. Our more advanced workouts also provide a challenge even for the most seasoned of dancers, and truly keep you on your toes. Whichever class you pick, the hula hoop dancing lessons at SpinJoy will give you the chance to be a part of a wonderful and passionate community all across Sydney!

Slide Hula hoops for sale — buy online

SpinJoy is your go to for all your hula hooping needs, with a range of goodies available on our online shop for you to buy. We’ve got a range of hoops available, including fantastic polypro hoops, so whatever your style is we’ll have a hoop to suit your needs. Our range of hoops has something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or experienced hooper.

Slide Entertainment to make your event memorable

Whatever your next occasion is, SpinJoy will make it one to remember for years to come. The wonderful hoopers at SpinJoy will put on a breathtaking show that will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone attending for years to come. Whether it’s a corporate event, a children’s party or a community event, our versatile performers will provide the ultimate entertainment, with a roving entertainers and team-building activities bringing everybody closer together. What more could you ask for?


The friendly team at SpinJoy are always eager to lend a helping hand. If you have any questions or wish to make an enquiry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0420 905 731 or by visiting our contact page.

Always remember to take a moment to stop and laugh at the duck birds*...that's how the saying goes right? *Not their actual name but people always know which ones you're talking about around here 🧐🤷 #duckbirds #hulahooper #ramsgatebeach #sunrise #foreverflowing #kidfree #breakeven #dancersofinstagram #spinjoyhoops ...

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As if this wasn't my best ever look 😂❤️
Miss the #joyride and fun hens parties.
#gtard #walkingdownthestreet #girlsjustwannahavefun #hensparty #flashback #😬

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So good to share a sunrise with a friend. I've missed you @snappsbysez 🎵 #songforzula #phosphorescent ...

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Super excited to be sharing this new product!
The 'SpinJoy Kids - Hula Hoop Activity Kit' includes: ⭐2 x blank kid size hula hoops
⭐4 X sticky tapes
⭐3 X instructional videos (how to decorate your hula hoop, how to waist hoop, how to arm hoop)

For Little Hoopers aged 6-12 years (link in bio) 🎥 @kenazji 🎵@monarchysound 📌@jazzitupdancedynamics
#SpinJoy #SpinJoykids #SpinJoyhoops #littlehoopers #dancelesson #howtohulahoop #funforkids

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Let's dance through this 💫🎵 and #turnthebeataround

Who needs help with some hooping? I'll try to get on a live today to work through some stuff with you guys.
I'm dancing with a 90cn pink bodyrock dance hoop with inner circumference grip.
Song is Turn The Beat Around by #gloriaestefan
#SpinJoyhoops #movementtherapy #selfcare #moveyourbodyeveryday

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Dance like you're stuck at home with only the cat judging your moves 😻👀 We're still connected. We're still united.
If you need a dance partner that will never be too busy watching #Netflix to party, hit me up for a #hulahoop.
If you DM me I'll send you a discount code for my online course.
#moveyourfeet #liftyoursoul #socialdistancing2020 #weareallinthistogether #juniorsenior #SpinJoy #danceinyourpants

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Playing 1950 with my #hulahoop

#retro 😂

How is everyone today?

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Once again #hoopforceaustralia turned it up for Sydney Mardi Gras. Proud of @melwheeler for organising such an amazing float and the epic turn out of our community.
Will post more when the dust settles from this crazy weekend. As usual I'm so exhausted are sore 😂🤷 #sydneymardigras2020 #mardigras #welcometothejungle #hoopersofinstagram #pride #SpinJoy

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One year ago. Waiting to meet the other love of my life.
Watching this back, I still feel the ecstacy of that sunrise rippling through my body.
These days I don't get to experience as many sunrises as I used to.
But I get to enjoy the sweetness of a tiny head on my chest, a giggle that melts me and what seems like a thousand sunrises at once, when I look into his beautiful eyes. flows.
#oneyearago #sunrise #babyboy #SpinJoy

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#SpinJoy #hoopdance #metrostation

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Sometimes I look back on how much I've shared of myself and cringe, feeling exposed and being vulnerable to a lot of strangers (and a lot of friends). Then I remind myself that speaking my truth and talking about things that are hard or uncomfortable opens doors for others to do the same too.
I hope you feel comfortable (or uncomfortable) enough to share yourself today and you do it. It will set you free.
#SpinJoy 🎵#jackgarratt - Water

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From the vault 😍

Hoops are Future Hoop Pros by @moodhoops (Use my code SPINJOY at checkout when you get yours and make sure you tag me when they arrive 🎉❤️) 🎥 By @kenazji

#rocketscienceclub #happyhardcore #moodhoops #SpinJoy #oldschool #hooplah #futurehooppro

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