Meet The SpinJoy Team

Caitlyn Woods

Caitlyn Woods SpinJoy Founder
Caitlyn is a dance star and sparkly performer, meets sassy minx and master of the hula hoop. She loves the heck out of hoop dance. It’s her passion, baby!  Intrigued?  There’s more…

Caitlyn is the founder of SpinJoy. She’s helped thousands of people of all ages, and from all walks of life, embrace the power of the hula hoop.Her passion is creating space for people to understand that joy and playful movement should be a priority.

She loves to help people realise their unlimited capacity for gorgeous, creative and unique self-expression through hoop dance.

Caitlyn’s hoop style is ultra-high energy. She’s about dancing in the hula hoop and oozing joyful energy that captivates and inspires people to join in. Her unique blend of mesmerising sustained spinning and jaw-dropping moves will leave you itching to pick up a hula hoop.

Go on. You know you want to…



Amanda McKenna

Amanda McKenna SpinJoy TeamAmanda is a bit wild, a little loud and a whole lot of fun, packed into a small explosive package.

Obsessed with dancing and music, she’s a known party starter who likes to push her students to their wildest limits through hula hoop dance.

Amanda gets the party started for both children and adults with fun, fitness, relaxation, creative expression, connection, movement meditation and laughter all wrapped up in a shiny hula hoop.

Her passion for community is also a driving force behind Amanda’s love of sharing hula hoop dance. Amanda’s hoop style is a mix of seamless flow, intricate choreography and engaging dance with an attitude pop to pump you up and get you empowered to slay the hoop with her. 


Mel Wheeler

Mel Wheeler SpinJoy TeamMel is a hula hoop powerhouse. Lightning speed, meets creative flow and freakishly impressive tricks

Not only a professional hula hooper, she’s an artist by trade and you can see her creative mind channelling through her hula hoop dance.

Mel is a little bit of a freak in the circle. Her spirit comes alive when she is spinning and twirling.

She is passionate about sharing the joy and love of flow arts and hoop dance throughout the community, teaching and inspiring the ideas of creative play with anyone who would like to have a go.

Her hula hoop style combines ninja speed movement with some of the most intricate and difficult hoop tricks around. All performed with high energy and huge smiles, it’s impossible not to love her.

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Hunter Duncan 

Heather Duncan SpinJoy Team

She may not know her way around a hoop, but she sure means business.

Hunter is our Administrative Assistant, she helps with the time-consuming admin and social media tasks so that Caitlyn and the SpinJoy Team can focus more of their time on what they love most – Hooping!

You may not see her hooping out on our Instagram page, but you’ll see her in our live zoom sessions from time to time and she’s also the gal behind

Check her out on instagram!