About Us

What is SpinJoy?

Hula Hoop Classes and Entertainment in Sydney by SpinJoy

We are Spinjoy.

A hula hoop dance brand based in Sydney, Australia. Known for our contagious energy and our not-so-serious approach to the everyday, we blend exercise with sass to deliver full body fitness in a way that will not only make you look good but feel good. Both physically and mentally.

Warning. Hula hooping is potentially (likely) addictive.

Fun and exercise? Don’t just take our word for it:

THE MOST fun class you will ever have! Caitlyn is an amazing teacher- gives the best instructions and makes the class super chilled and fun.
10000000 stars If you are thinking about trying a class, luck you.. you just stumbled across the best teacher. - Amy A Lynch


SpinJoy Hula Hoop Instructors

Our hoop-manifesto

Seriously Fun

We see hula hooping as not only one heck of a work-out, but as an empowering activity that will make you feel connected, switched on, and a-freakin’-mazing.

It’s fun. It’s sexy. It allows you to unleash your inner fierce. And just like the individuality of you, it invites you to find your own unique hoop style.

Meet The SpinJoy Team

Community Bound

There is something pretty extraordinary about hula hoops.

Perhaps it’s the power it has to break down social barriers. Perhaps it’s the fact if just makes you want to get moving. Or perhaps it is its ability to unite and bring people closer together through laughter, play, and giggles – no matter what age or gender.

Our Spinjoy community is a warm, close-knit, body- positive and welcoming space where you are able to feel comfortable in your own skin, let go and have fun.

Fun Hula Hooper Team

Exercise… that doesn’t feel like exercise

We are big believers in the importance of living a life that is healthy and happy. Luckily we found a form of exercise that combines both.

A unique way that clears the mind, reduces stress, gets you moving and tones your core – the myriad of benefits that come with hula hooping is like a circle baby, endless!

Oh and the best bit? You’re having fun while calories say ta ta.

About Spinjoy

Hula Hoop Classes and Entertainment in Sydney

At Spinjoy, we are spinning the idea of fitness by breathing fresh air into the traditional concept of hula hooping.

Through classes that will have you working up the best sweat, performances that will have you wanting to move, and a collection of specialty hoop products that will ensure you are the best-kitted on the floor, we make it our mission to create and deliver a fun-filled contagious experience no matter your hoop level.

To us, hula-hooping go beyond just spinning around in a circle. It’s excitement. It’s creativity. It’s exhilaration. And it’s a thrilling adventure that we guarantee will leave you healthier, sassier, and stronger than ever before.

But seriously. Name another way you can get all those benefits and have anywhere near as much fun doing it?

No, really. We’ll wait.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Shaw