Travel Hula Hoop

Ahem. Precious cargo alert.

We know that holidaying without your hoop is just not a trip worth taking, so we’ve created a range of travel hoops that will follow you wherever you go!

With two different designs to choose from, you’ll never have to leave your hoop behind again (queue tears of joy). 

6 piece break apart travel hoop

Separating into six (6) pieces and easy to pop-join back together, this hoop is lightweight, easy to use hula hoop weighing in at just 300g. Challenge yourself by removing a piece of the hoop to create a smaller, more advanced hoop (or a little one for the kiddies too!).

Finer details

  • 90cm in diameter with all 6 pieces connected.
  • Weights 300g.
  • Made from lightweight polypropylene plastic.
  • Advanced size and weight. If you are a new hooper please take a look at our Beginner Dance Hoop or contact us here so we can help you find the perfect hoop.

Need some guidance the help kick-start your hula hoop journey?

Check out our online video Foundations of Hoop Dance Course here!