SpinJoy HooperCast: Episode 2
Welcome to Episode Two of The SpinJoy Hoopercast!

In this episode, Phoebe and Caitlyn go into some detailed info on hula hoop specifications, hoop dance apparel, and how we connect as a community.

Below are a list of links referenced throughout the podcast:

ID vs OD: don’t get caught out. Phoebe and Caitlyn can’t figure out imperial measurement conversions without help. More spec tips to come in following episodes!

Hooper name generator:


How do we find each other?

The internet. Some tips on where to look:

Facebook groups:

The Hooping Community of hooping.org (and the hooping.org website for resources and inspiration)

Infinite Circles Community

Hoop Force Australia

Instagram Hashtags:

#unityofthehulahoopers #hoopersofinstagram #hoopersofig #stopdropandspin #hulahoop #hoolahoop #hulahoopallthefuckingtime #flowmies #perpetualflow #hooping.org #flowarts #SpinJoy #SpinJoyHoopercast


Hoop Dream Retreat

Hoop Camp




German Hoop Convention

Hoopy Happenings

Australian Hoop Convention


Hot Hoop Tracks

Peace by Kenton Slash Demon – Spotify

Redbone by Childish Gambino – Spotify


Thanks to Monarchy for letting us use their track ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ as The Hoopercast theme song. You can listen to on Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes and find them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions, information or topics for discussion in a later podcast episode, you can contact Phoebe and Caitlyn on info@spinjoy.com.au