Welcome to Episode One of The Hoopercast

July 13, 2017 1 min read

Hoopercast Podcast Episode One

SpinJoy HooperCast: Episode 1
Welcome to Episode One of The Hoopercast!

Thrilled to be here.
Here’s where we tell you who in the heck-beans we are (we’re Caitlyn and Phoebe), as well as some broad discussion of what hoop styles do exist and some factors that may influence your hooping.

BIG shoutout to the group Monarchy for letting us use their track ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ as The Hoopercast theme song. You can listen to on Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes and find them on Facebook and Instagram.


If you have any questions, information or topics for discussion in a later podcast episode, you can contact Phoebe and Caitlyn on info@spinjoy.com.au 


Below are a list of links referenced throughout the podcast:


Groove by Rachael Lust

This is the example of the viral ninja speed polypro hooping. It really takes off around the 1 minute mark. You can find Rachael on Facebook here.

I’ll Fly Away by PamHoops

This is the example of multi-hooping. You can find Pam on Facebook here.


Hot Hoop Tracks

Sweetie by Kiko Bun – Spotify

Bubblegum by COnfidence Man – Spotify