This is a hula hoop.

What it is not, is another reason to feel less about your body and who you are.

Whether you’ve come here to feel sexy, to lose weight, to escape, to have more fun, to meet new people, to be inspired, to laugh, to be a fucking star – welcome.

Now lesson one –

Pick up your hula hoop and throw it as high as you can in the air and let it fall on the floor.

Well done. You’re officially a hooper.

Smile, pick it back up and do it again, and again, and again.

Do not be afraid. The plastic circle does not hold any mystical powers.

Where the magic comes from, is realising that if you give yourself and your body, the time, space and love to learn and enjoy the process, stuff happens.

Whether you’re a brand new hooper figuring out how to waist hoop or spin the hoop on your hands, have been hooping for years and can’t nail keeping it on your chest or you’re lost in life and can’t figure out how to take a minute to relax – inhale. It’s going to be ok.

You are not too big, too small, too old, too young, too uncoordinated, learning too slowly or whatever other crazy shit is going on inside your head. Relax, your body is fucking amazing and you were born to enjoy this life.

It’s a hula hoop.

Enjoy it.

Photo by Paul Hoelen Photography