Can A Hula Hoop Bring You Happiness?

October 04, 2014 2 min read

Can A Hula Hoop Bring You Happiness

The hoop is innocence, the hoop is sensuality. It is play and frustration. It is perseverance and progress. It is evolution and history, art and plastic, so simple, but so complicated.

As adults, we don’t necessarily lose our sense of wonder, but we stifle it for sure. If I pick up that hula hoop, will people think I’m stupid? Will I look bad? Will I embarrass myself? What if I’m not good at it?

Here’s the kicker though…you probably won’t be good at it. But you know what? You will be. I personally, was not blessed with hula hooping hips as a child. This is a skill I acquired in my adult life. And every time I dropped the hoop, I loved picking it back up. I adored bearing witness to my own evolution into a dancer.

But what if I get good at it?

You will, from day one. And you will bear witness to your own evolution. It will be truly glorious and others should see it too. Some of the most profound experiences of my own life have been inside a hoop and watching others truly surrender to their own being inside of a hula hoop.

There are so many places in this world where we are taught not to shine. Be modest, don’t draw attention, you are not worthy. The hoop teaches you otherwise. In all your glorious perfection, inside the hoop, you are the creator of your destiny, you are the centre of your world, you are a stunning and joyful creature of this universe and the hula hoop celebrates you.

I look forward to bearing witness.

Hugs and hoops