SpinJoy HooperCast: Episode 8

Episode 8 of The SpinJoy HooperCast

In this episode we’re talking about…

Flowing it!

Caitie and Pho’s first foray into the topic of flow, prompted by a submission from Kara, who wants dat GOOD HOOP THEORY.

‘Flow’ v ‘flow state’.

What is it? How do we personally access it? Caitie loves the meditation side, and spinning FAST! Pho takes a ‘reverse-engineered’ approach to the flow state, and also ends up moving way slower! How do YOU champs get there – we wanna know!

Spotlight ON @misshoopdidoo (Amanda Lee)  as our Hooper Shoutout. Her dance is gorgeous, her tutorials are rad. Extra credit: go learn her move ‘The Twizzelator”

Here’s Caitie attempting ‘The Twizzelator’ post podcast recording:


Also, a lot about snacks for some reason…

Here’s a tedtalk from the pioneer of the concept of ‘flow state’:



Circle Blossom Hula Hoop Cards


Designed by Angelo Di Donato

@circleblossom on Instagram

Deanne Love’s video ‘A Positive Rant about Hoop Dance Flow: 5 tips to help you access “IT”‘

Caitie rockin’ to her Hot Hoop Track!



Hot Hoop Tracks

A submission from Jessie Fumiko – ‘Golden State of Mind’ by Tolan Shaw – Spotify

‘German Sparkle Party’ by The Something Experience – Spotify

‘New Rules’ by Dua Lipa – Spotify

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Thanks to Monarchy for letting us use their track ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ as The Hoopercast theme song. You can listen to on Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes and find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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