Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge - Day 6
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SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge – Day 6

By December 12, 2017Motivation, Training

SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 of the 14 day SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge

Day 6 focus – Waist breaks and reverses

Spin the hula hoop on your waist in one direction, break it, then reverse it!

Why would we want to do this?

Breaks and Reverses are an excellent drill for developing on-body hula hoop awareness and coordination. By practising catching the hoop on your waist to the beat of the music, at different intervals, you develop increase body/hoop proprioception and agility within your hoop dance.

Including breaks and reverses in your hula hoop workout or dance routine is also a dynamic movement that keeps your whole body moving, heart rate high and it looks cool.

How can we develop our break and reverse skills?

  • Work up to breaks and reverses in a sliding scale – start with singles (the hoop passes from left hand to right hand and crosses your belly only once), then doubles, the hoop goes around twice before it lands in the opposite hand, triples then to quads. Once you’ve done the full scale all the way up to 4, work back down to singles. Take an entire song to complete your scales.
  • You may have trouble catching the hoop on time at the start. If you miss it, keep going! This gets easier with practice. Remember to keep your hands close to your waist. If they are up high in the air, the hoop will have passed by the time they get down to your waist to catch.
  • Don’t hold the hoop in your hand for too long. If you catch and hold the hoop, gravity will start to draw it downwards. You will need to use strong grip strength to counteract this pull, or simply move a bit faster with your breaks and reverses to keep the hoop moving and flat on the vertical plane
  • Push the hoop HARD into your stomach. If your launch push is too soft, your hoop will already be uneven (not flat). Giving it a strong, forceful push into your reverses will help keep it flat.
  • To increase the difficulty, try breaking and reversing to the beat of the music
  • Add in an opposite step to the side and hand out in front or above your head for increased difficulty and to get more of a full body workout
  • Break then reverse into a spin (same direction your hoop is spinning)
  • Bounce around! Have a good time

Want to join us on the challenge?

If you’d like to jump in on the challenge, check out the details of how to participate on the Day 1 introduction blog post here, and join us over on Instagram. We’d love to have you with us!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send a Private Message on Instagram or shoot an email to

Caitlyn xox