SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge - Day 2
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SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge – Day 2

By December 8, 2017Motivation, Training

SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 of the 14 day SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge!

Today’s focus is on footwork!

Unlocking movement in the feet and legs while hula hooping can be quite a challenge at first. Gaining the coordination to isolate movement in the upper body (waist or chest) while simultaneously lifting the feet off the ground, walking or stepping can take a bit of time.

Why would we want to do this?

Hula hooping on your waist alone is an intense workout for beginner hula hoop dancers. Over time however, your body will adapt to this movement, become efficient and expend less energy to keep the hoop rotating.

When we get to this point in our dancing, to keep our heart rate high and burn more calories, we need to start challenging our body to create more movement. Not only does adding stepping and movement of the feet and legs increase out workout potential, it helps us unlock dance in our hoop, freedom of movement and subsequently – we have more fun!

How can we start to incorporate footwork into our hula hoop workout?

  • Start by simply shifting weight from one foot to the other. Place majority of your weight for a few counts into your right foot, then shift to your left foot
  • Try lifting one foot off the ground at a time. If it is too challenging at first to get the whole foot into the air, start by keeping just your toe on the ground. (Remember – keep the focus on pulsing from the waist)
  • Sideways step, feet together, back the other way, feet together. Start slow with the step and touch action. You may want to challenge yourself to keep moving with the beat of the music you are listening to. Start with a slow song and work your way up to a high energy song.
  • Change your direction. If you’re good with the side to side, start moving forwards and backwards, diagonally, round in circles
  • Lift your knees as high as you can without hitting the hoop
  • Kick your legs
  • Go crazy!

Want to join us on the challenge?

If you’d like to jump in on the challenge, check out the details of how to participate on the Day 1 introduction blog post here, and join us over on Instagram. We’d love to have you with us!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send a Private Message on Instagram or shoot an email to info@spinjoy.com.au

Caitlyn xox