SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge - Day 10
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SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge – Day 10

By December 16, 2017Motivation, Training

SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge – Day 10

Day 10 of the 14 day SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge

Day 10 focus – Finding the Gap & Negative Space

Finding the Gap is an excellent drill and dance move improving hoop timing, develop awareness of the hula hoop on your body and start working with negative space manipulation.

Why would we want to do this?

By practising finding the gap (reaching out hands into the space between the hula hoop and our bodies) i.e. the ‘negative space’, we train our bodies to know exactly where the hula hoop is at any given moment. Once we get good at finding the gap, we can start to manipulate the negative space for hula hoop tricks. Examples include; leaving your arms inside the gap and shrugging the hoop up to your neck (the shimmy), shoulder hooping, lifting the hoop above our head and back down (the vortex), pulling a leg in and out of the hula hoop.

Finding the gap in also an interesting arm movement/dance move in its own right. It gives you something to do with your hands while dancing, other than the standard t-rex arms we’re usually rockin’.

How can I learn to work with negative space and find the gap?

  • Begin by getting one hand in and out of the hoop. If you hula hoop to the left, start with just your left hand at the front. When this becomes easy, add the 2nd hand at the side. (The second hand comes immediately after the first. In and out. Don’t leave it in there. Imagine the hoop is lava! If it touches you, you’ve lost your hand. Oh no!
  • Try the above move with your head up (not looking at the hoop) or with your eyes completely closed.
  • Add turning into the mix. When you turn same direction as your hoop, everything will slow down. You’ll be able to swipe your hands through the gap for longer.
  • Try finding the gap from underneath while neck hooping (it’s the same thing).
  • Advanced version – work with the OUTER negative space (the outer space – it’s where the aliens live). To do this try slapping your butt with each hand. If you’re hooping to the left, left arm swings from out in front to behind you, right arm swings behind to the front. This trick is MUCH easier done while spinning at speed. You should look like an aeroplane if done correctly. Feel free to add aeroplane noises for added sassy flavour (it helps I swear).

Want to join us on the challenge?

If you’d like to jump in on the challenge, check out the details of how to participate on the Day 1 introduction blog post here, and join us over on Instagram. We’d love to have you with us!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send a Private Message on Instagram or shoot an email to info@spinjoy.com.au

Caitlyn xox