SpinJoy Hoopercast Episode 4
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SpinJoy HooperCast: Episode 4

By October 27, 2017HooperCast

SpinJoy HooperCast: Episode 4

Here’s Episode 4 of The SpinJoy Hoopercast

In this episode…

New segment alert: TRICKY SHIT.

Coin flips. Continuous 1-handed helicopter spin. Sustained spinning.

Tell us what is ‘tricky’ about your hoopdance – good or bad! We try to talk trick breakdowns without any visuals. DID IT WORK? Only maybe.

Caitie says ‘clavicle’ and Phoebe gets distracted by buttons.

Below are a list of links and topics referenced throughout the podcast:

Just one of Dizzy Dynamic‘s many ‘Coin Flip’ tutorials – The Dizzy Dime

Lisa Lottie’s ‘One Handed Helicopter’ tutorial with Deanne Love

Phoebe and Caitlyn have fun attempting the coin flips and one-handed helicopter.


Very crucial: Spinception Noise Generator (you’re welcome)


Hot Hoop Tracks

‘Want You Back’ by HAIM – Spotify

‘Beautiful Life’ by Lost Frequencies – Spotify

Follow the SpinJoy HooperCast playlist on Spotify here.


Thanks to Monarchy for letting us use their track ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ as The Hoopercast theme song. You can listen to on Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes and find them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions, information or topics for discussion in a later podcast episode, you can contact Phoebe and Caitlyn on info@spinjoy.com.au