SpinJoy HooperCast Episode 14
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Hula Hoop Specifications

By May 4, 2018HooperCast
SpinJoy HooperCast Podcast Episode 14

SpinJoy HooperCast: Episode 14

In the SpinJoy HooperCast Episode 14 – Hoop Specs

We speculate on specifications for you! This has been a much requested topic, and guys, we are gonna oblige!

In a world of merchants, measurements, styles, implications, body-feel, ID and OD, it can be confusing to determine what you want in a plastic circle.

Caitlyn and Phoebe help you demystify the options. You’ll be able to shop for hoops without having an emotional breakdown or getting a tension headache.


ID versus OD!


Plastic! HDPE, Polypro, what’s the deal?

Bulletproof hoops?!

Caitie’s super size tip!




Get one here!


Hot Hoop Tracks

Zachary Zac’s addition to the playlist – ‘I’m an Albatross’ by AronChupa – Spotify 

‘Gold ft. Sean Paul’ – Valentino Khan  – Spotify

‘Gimmie Your Voodoo’ -Ladonna Rama – Spotify

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Thanks to Monarchy for letting us use their track ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ as The Hoopercast theme song. You can listen to on Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes and find them on Facebook and Instagram. Check out the SpinJoy Squad’s collaboration hoop video with Monarchy here!

If you have any questions, information or topics for discussion in a later podcast episode, you can contact Phoebe and Caitlyn on info@spinjoy.com.au 


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