SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge
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SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge

By December 7, 2017Motivation, Training

SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the SpinJoy Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge – Summer Edition

The purpose of this challenge is to kick-start some healthy self care behaviours, take some time to make fun fitness and healthy eating a priority over the Christmas period and into 2018.

Whatever your personal fitness, health or hula hoop goals may be, dedicating 30 minutes a day for 14 days is a great way to gain some focus and start seeing results.

How Does The Challenge Work?

The challenge will be run over on the SpinJoy Hoop Dance Instagram account.

To participate, comment on the Day 1 video here that ‘you’re in’ or would like to participate.

You will then be required to post a short video of you and a section of your hula hoop workout each day for the 14 days of the challenge.

The challenge has officially started on the 7th December 2017

Participants will have until Sunday 24th December to complete 14 days of hula hooping. That means, if you miss a few days, you have some wildcards and time to catch up.


  • Post your participation on Day 1 video
  • Post a video each day for 14 days of the challenge
  • Tag me @_spinjoy_ in your videos
  • Use the hashtags #SpinJoyhoopfitness #SpinJoy and #SpinJoySquad in your videos so I can find and track them
  • complete 30mins of hula hooping each day. This can be done all at once or spread across the day
  • Let us know in the details of your videos how it’s going for you, what your goals are, if you need any help
  • Have fun


Those that successfully complete the 14 days of hula hooping will be in the running to win one of 2 SpinJoy prize packs including a Rainbow Chakra Polypro hoop and #HOOPER muscle tee.


How I Structure My 30 Minute Hula Hoop Workouts

Using an interval timer or stopwatch:

  • 10 minutes in reverse /non-dominant current on-body – this can be very difficult at the beginning and will really raise your heart rate. If 10 minutes is too long initially, start with a shorter time and work up to it. You will notice a dramatic improvement in your skill with this direction after only a few days.
  • 10 minutes focusing 1 minute intervals on each body part: i.e. coiling. (1 minute legs, 1 minute hips, 1 minute, waist normal direction, 1 minute chest, 1 minute neck, 1 minute each arm, then coiling knees to chest for the remaining time)
  • 10 minutes freestyle, high intensity dancing or specific trick drilling

I find it useful to get the “boring stuff” out of the way first. I am the type of person who will ignore the training and drills in lieu of just having a good time. So getting the “hardcore” training out of the way first thing means I get it done and the rest is just a bonus.

This is a very basic structure and overview of how to plan a hoop workout. Any areas that need extra attention should be highlighted. Music and fun in a must.


Day 1:

#SpinJoyhoopfitness challenge is BACK (spontaneous decision) 30mins of FUN hula hoop dance for 14 days Purpose: – to continue to be #hotbitches for the summer / or winter if you're not in Aus #whatever – to make sure we're making fun fitness and selfcare a priority – to get those endorphins pumpin' – increased #hulahoop skillz (30mins a day you WILL notice improvements) – win some sick prizes because who doesn't like to feel #sassyAF and get free shiz? I'll lead the way with suggested ways to break down the 30mins each day, how to target different skills and body parts. Feel free to follow me or do your own thang. If you want to join me, details will be on my website via the link in my bio (soon). #SpinJoy #SpinJoySquad #fitnessmotivation

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send a Private Message on instagram or shoot an email to info@spinjoy.com.au