Travel Hula Hoops

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6 piece Break Apart Travel Hula Hoops

The travel hoop is perfect for hoopers on the move who might want to bust a move anywhere, anytime.

SpinJoy Travel Hoops break down into 6 pieces and pop-join back together to create a lightweight, easy to use hula hoop.

With all 6 pieces connected, this hoop measures 90cm in diameter, weighing approximately 300 g.

If you’re after a smaller sized Travel Hoop for advanced hoopers or children, simply remove one piece and you have an 80cm diameter hoop.


Coil Down Travel Hula Hoops

Coil down travel hula hoops pop open with a push button. Single hoops can be crossed over and secured with ties for easy packaging into luggage.

Twin coil down hula hoops can be connected to one another and doubled down. It is not recommended to completely coil down one hula hoop on itself.


All travel hula hoops are made from light weight polypropylene plastic which means they are difficult weight for beginner hula hoopers. If you are a new hooper, check out our dance hoop range.

Our hula hoops are measured but outer diameter (OD)

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