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Polypro hula hoops are a fantastic choice for both those that are new to the world of hula hooping as well as for the experts. They are light and sleekly designed, allowing you to move at lightning speed.

SpinJoy has polypro hoops in all colours and sizes, so that you can pick the one that most suits you. You’ll never stop spinning after you get your hands (or hips) on a polypro hula hoop!

Not too sure what a polypro hoop is? Read on…

What’s a polypro?

If you’ve heard the term thrown around on the internet or among hooping circles, you might be a little bit confused.

“Polypro” is short of polypropylene, a type of plastic, hula hoops can be made from. All of our hoops are actually made from polypropylene plastic HOWEVER “polypro hula hoops” (hooper slang)  are thinner than our regular classic and dance hula hoops, weighing just 220g!

What does this mean?

It means these puppies are ULTRA-light and springy. This means they can be difficult to hoop on your waist, so if you’re a BEGINNER hula hooper, we suggest you check out our dance hoop range.

If you’ve been hooping for a while and you’re after a super-fast, ninja speed hoop for off-body tricks and transitions, polypros are the go!


Our untaped polypro hoops come in the following  colours: Snapchat Yellow, Facebook Blue, Fire Truck Red, Donut Icing Pink, Galaxy Purple, Jelly Bean Green and Flossy Pink.


These hoops come in 85cm, 90cm or 50cm (mini hoop) diameter options. We can customise size between 50cm – 90cm upon request.

About SpinJoy

SpinJoy is made up of a team of passionate hula hoopers. We have a wide range of fantastic hula hoops alongside our polypro hoops, including dance and fitness hoops, travel hoops and much, much more. And if you’re considering dance classes, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 90 x 1.5 x 90 cm