Foundations of Hoop Dance Online Course + Body Rock Dance Hoop

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Foundations of Hoop Dance Online Course + Body Rock Dance Hoop

Learn to hula hoop dance online with SpinJoy in 4 weeks

Over four weeks, we deliver a video series designed to have you rocking your body with a hula hoop in no time – from the comfort of your own home.

Each module builds on the last, giving you a solid foundation of all the hooping essentials.

Module 1:

  • Hoop Dance Theory 101 – Lesson 1
  • Selecting the right hula hoop (beginners and beyond)
  • How to hand hoop
  • How to waist hoop
  • Dance sequence

Module 2:

  • Hoop Dance Theory 101 – Lesson 2
  • Hoop dance drills Part 1
  • Hooping without “hooping”…what?!
  • Hooping on a plane! – Vertical and Horizontal
  • Dance sequence

Module 3:

  • Hoop Dance Theory 101 – Lesson 3
  • Hoop dance drills Part 2
  • Lift off – getting the hoop off your body
  • Touch-down – landing a toss
  • Dance Sequence

Module 4:

  • Hoop Dance Theory 101 – Lesson 4
  • Hoop dance drills Part 3
  • Isolations – the awesome kind, not the lonely kind
  • Adding sass to your hoop dance
  • Epic dance sequence


This special offer includes a free Body Rock Dance Hoop, valued at $30.

Body Rock Dance Hula Hoops – SpinJoy’s #1 Choice For Ultimate Hoop Dance Fun

These colourful Body Rock Dance Hula Hoops are sleek and simple in design, but high in quality and durability.

With a range of dazzling colours, you’ll find just the right one to match your style or maybe you’ll be like us and need one of each!

SpinJoy Hoops are made with the highest quality Australian polypropylene plastic

Each hula hoop weighs approximately 300 grams – slightly weighted for the perfect on-body hula hoop dance experience.

Consider these the ‘Goldilocks’ of hula hoops. Not too heavy, not too light. Just right!

Add grip tape to the inner circumference of your hula hoop for epic hoop stick-ability. Grip helps the hula hoop stick to your clothing, especially great for leg hooping!


Six fabulous colours to choose from:

Cookie Monster Blue, Monkey Purple, Unicorn Pink , Goldfish Orange, Ninja Black and Starbeam Yellow

Our hula hoops are measured but outer diameter (OD) and available in 100cm, 95cm, 90cm or 85cm.

Let us know your preferred colour and size in the comments section at check out! If you need help with your size, let us know.


PLEASE NOTE: Free hoop offer does not apply when purchasing online course with a discount code


So clear some space, grab your Body Rock Dance Hoop and let’s get this party started!